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Flower Care

✶ All cut flowers require re-cutting at a sharp angle, at least 2cm off at the ends of stems, every few days.  Wash the vase out with warm soapy water and use fresh clean water for lasting beautiful blooms.


✶ Air pockets prevent water absorption to the blooms. The best way to avoid air uptake into the stems is to recut the stems under water.


✶ Do not leave flowers under sunlight, in heated rooms, and draught areas.


✶ Flowers arranged in boxes or pots require daily water addition or misting of blooms, especially in summer.


✶ Orchid Plants thrives best in humid areas, away from direct sunlight or draught, for example kitchen, sunroom, or living areas.


✶ Feel the weight of the Glass Terrariums when you have watered it. This is a guide as to when you need to water


✶ It again. Do not fertilise the terrarium plants. Trim overgrown foliages when required, usually once a year.